Humanitarian Awards 2007

Mr. Norman Nourallah Gabay

April 29, 2007

Nourallah Gabay was born in Kashan in 1929. After completing his elementary education in the Alliance School of Kashan, Mr.Gabay got a job at the age of 12 and moved to Tehran where – after completing high school – he began his long and successful career as a businessman. In 1953, he married Mahboubeh Chadorchi and together they had three sons – Kamran, Mehran and Arman – who blessed them with grandchildren.

Mr. Gabay strongly believes that an individual’s worth is measured by what he or she does to improve the well-being of future generations. To that end, he has committed himself to ensuring that the next generation in our community has the opportunity to obtain a meaningful education. Mr. Gabay has been able to accomplish this goal – in part – through his invaluable contributions to the Magbit Foundation. He is a founding member of Magbit Foundation and proposed the Interest –free student- loan Program.

Always willing to help those in his community who are less fortunate, Mr. Gabay assisted Iranian families in need when they first arrived in the United States. In collaboration and leadership of his nephew, Manouchehr Ghodsian (Zichrono Livracha), Mr. Gabay provided the newcomers the tools necessary for them to start a new life in their new country – the United States of America.

In addition to his many other philanthropic endeavors, Mr. Gabay also serves as Chairman of Magbit Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He has also been active in the Iranian Jewish Federation since its inception, and is currently Vice President of its Board of Trustees. Mr. Gabay has been actively involved in the Center for the Oral History of the Jews of Iran since the founding of that group.
He has contributed to efforts to commemorate the names of the founders of Etehad School in Kashan, and extended his support to the Yaghotiel and Sarah
Kashani Center in Natanya, and organizations such as Haddasah and Beekour Kholim Hospital. In 2003, in honor of his son, Kamran Rephael (Zichrono
Livracha), Mr. Gabay established in Israel a fund dedicated to assisting Israeli families in need.

Mr. Gabay’s creative activities extend to writing articles, as well as writing a book which he hopes to publish soon, in both English and Farsi. In his efforts to explore alternative sources for generating electricity, he has created a prorotype which is being reviewed by the government and is pending approval.