Humanitarian Awards 2009

Dr. Abner Levy

May 12, 2009

Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Levy has experienced a vast and eclectic array of cultures allowing him to fluently speak 4 languages. Following in the footsteps of his adored father, Habib, he gained a surgical dentistry degree abroad in Switzerland. He returned to Tehran to lead International Draxon Industries, and along with his brothers expedited further growth of this powerful corporation that produced and exported pharmaceuticals worldwide. At the corporation’s peak, Dr. Levy oversaw the health and the welfare of over 1,000 employees and their families. The financial success of this enterprise allowed Dr. Levy, who fought for Israeli independence in the Haganah and his father to fulfill a lifelong dream to help establish a Jewish state, an endeavor that he continues to fervently support.

After the Iranian revolution, he relocated to Los Angeles and began his business journey anew establishing Andwin Scientific, a company that has grown from working alone to having over one hundred employees with four locations nationwide. Andwin Scientific is now a leading manufacturer of medical devices with over 24 worldwide patents and trademarks. Dr. Levy continues to passionately pursue his desire for Tzedaka and has established The Abner Levy Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the specific purpose to promote programs related to health and welfare throughout the world. In addition, he is also very proud of the Habib Levy Foundation which has partnered with UCLA to establish a fellowship to teach postgraduate students about the history of Iranian Jewry.